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Whirling Tiger is located in the Butchertown neighborhood at 1335 Story Avenue Louisville, KY 40206

There is free street parking in the neighborhood surrounding the venue.

We do not have a physical box office so any tickets purchased in advance must be purchased through our website. 

Tickets for all Whirling Tiger shows can also be purchased the day of show at the scheduled time of the event (subject to availability).

Tickets can be purchased at the venue with cash or card although card purchases will incur a 4% fee. 

PLEASE NOTE: Any tickets that are not purchased directly from the venue website or through are not guaranteed to be valid. Entrance into shows at Whirlng Tiger is only guaranteed with a valid ticket.

Whirling Tiger hosts ticketed events that are All Ages, 18+ or 21+. This information can we found on all listings within our calendar.

Whirling Tigers front lounge operates independently as a neighborhood bar & is open to the public at all times . You must be 21+ to enter the front lounge UNLESS you have a valid ticket to an 18+ or All Ages show. Entry into the front lounge at any other time is only permitted to those who are 21 & over. 

To enter Whirling Tiger for an 18+ or 21+ event you must show one valid form of federal or state ID as proof of age. We have the right to refuse entry to any customer who can not produce a valid ID. We also reserve the right to ask for a second form of ID if the first form is unclear or unacceptable. 

To enter Whirling Tiger for an All Ages event all under 18 are welcome, & no ID is required. We ask that those under the age of 16 please be accompanied by a guardian. 


Patrons under the age of 21 may not consume alcohol under any circumstance & any minor who is caught consuming alcohol, or anyone providing alcohol to a minor, will be asked to leave the property & we reserve the right to contact a legal guardian and/or law enforcement as it pertains to the incident. Those caught drinking under age will also be banned from any future events at Whirling Tiger. 

Our main entrance leading into the front lounge is wheelchair accessible with a ramp located by the door. Please ask one of our staff members for assistance if you need to  use the ramp OR we have a side entrance that is located to the left on the front of the building that is accessible without ramp assistance. To use this entry way please let one of our staff members know & they can assist.  

Our staff can physically assist guests when needed with stairs or provide reserved stools for seating if requested.

If you have tickets to an upcoming event and need special accommodations or other assistance, please contact at least a week prior to the event so we can make appropriate arrangements and offer the best possible assistance**

Whirling Tiger is dedicated to making sure all of our guests feel safe at our events & we want everyone to have a positive experience. 

Disclaimer: As with any large event, there is risk of injury when in close quarters. By entering and/or remaining in our venue, you assume that risk. By entering and/or remaining in our venue, you understand that Whirling Tiger and its staff are not responsible for any injuries that may occur, whether caused by yourself, another patron or crowd activities. 

Please be aware of our surroundings & find a less crowded spot to watch the show if you feel the need to avoid potential discomfort while in the crowd. If you ever feel like your well-being is at risk, please reach out to a staff member & someone will help you to ensure your experience remains positive.

Alcohol is available for anyone 21 & over. In order to drink, you must present a current valid federal or state ID as proof of age. Patrons caught drinking under age will be asked to leave. We have a variety of non-alcoholic beverages available as well.

Please send a detailed description of the item/items lost to

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